February 16, 2015

Love was in the air

Last week at Play & Learn we sang love songs and made some lovely paintings. If you missed it or don't quite remember the tune to Magic Penny, you can hear Malvina Reynolds sing the full version of the song here. (At Play & Learn we sang only the first verse and chorus.) Our read-aloud titles were all about colors and bathing.

We'll be back at Woodlawn tomorrow, Tuesday, February 17 at 9:30AM. Here's a hint about our read-aloud: We'll have a jumping good time!

February 4, 2015

Play & Learn returns to Woodlawn Wi-Fi Room

Please join Little Read Wagon at 9:30 on Tuesdays, February 10-March 10 at 9:30 for some talking, singing, reading, writing and playing fun! Look for us in the Wi-Fi/Community Room at the south end of the gymnasium.

January 22, 2015

Do you hear thunder? Do you hear rain?

While a cold and rainy day like today might keep you and your child inside, it also gives you a chance to focus on some different sounds in our environment. Does the rain tap gently on your roof, or does it pound loudly? Do you hear more sounds as the rain strikes your windows? What about the rain coming off the eaves? Is there a gutter with a downspout? What does that water sound like? While you and your child discuss the answers to these questions, here are a few related books to check out:
This BookFlix selection has a companion non-fiction title Rainy Weather Days. Watch the story at http://bkflix.grolier.com/sw/node-33978/bk0018pr# 
A thunderstorm brings lots of frightened pets to snuggle up with a child and his teddy bear. http://sapl.sat.lib.tx.us/record=b1907824~S1

January 5, 2015

Sing through the winter

Winter in San Antonio: the temperature climbs and plummets much like a very lively melody. Little Read Wagon is planning to do lots of singing at Play & Learn this winter. Singing together is a great way to have fun together and build phonological awareness by drawing attention to similar sounds in language. This week we will introduce some new songs with words like coat, boots, and scarf. We will also be reading books about getting dressed!

Please join us on Tuesday at 9:30am at the South San Community Center or Friday at 10:00am at the Claude W. Black Community Center.

December 16, 2014

For the young scientist or mathematician in your life

Do you have a young scientist or mathematician in your home or classroom? Children are naturally curious and playful as they explore the world around them. When you join the fun of investigations and experiments, you can supply your child with rich vocabulary and general knowledge that will become the foundation for learning to read. Check out these new resource books to help you support your child's inquiry and mathematical thinking!


For more resources and ideas, please visit our resource guide: http://guides.mysapl.org/ecestem

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