January 27, 2009

Quotes from Evaluations

Participants in last Saturday's workshop were asked to write down one thing that they had learned. Here are some of the things they had to say:

"Today I learned the importance of reading and what I can do to get my children ready to read...I also learned about the importance of singing songs/rhyming and storytelling."

"I learned how to search on the library computer because I'm not familiar with it. Also, I learned new songs that I will be using with the children...Also the importance of referrals with ECI. Thank you."

"Today I learned how much information the library has to offer, because I did not know that this was here for the taking. Thank you."

"Today I learned that talking, singing, fingerplaying help a lot for reading skills. Now I can spend more time helping my two children... he can look at the pictures and ... my baby can look at the bright colors and feel the different textures."

"Good information on Early Childhood Intervention. Helpful info. on on-line resources."

"Exploring the library website is extensive. There is a lot of info. I had no idea!"

"I learned that there is a wealth of information on line for library needs, and you can find and reserve books, videos, etc. using the computer (if you have a library card!)."

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