June 23, 2011

Play & Learn: Molly Pruitt at Roosevelt Library

Last Friday we had our first Play & Learn sesssion at the Pruitt Library, on the campus of Roosevelt High School. We were a bit apprehensive about how large the crowd might be, but thankfully had lots of support from the library manager as well as some very helpful parents. As usual, we had a few favorite activities and some new things to explore.

Alphabet fishing is a constant at all Play & Learn events!

How does your garden grow?

A new activity this summer is the portable herb garden. We see it as an opportunity for the development of a lush vocabulary and narrative skills. It also requires some cooperation as multiple parties navigate the garden together (or more often side-by-side). A few small dolls and nursery rhyme characters stand ready to fulfill whichever roles the children care to assign them.
We will be at Pruitt again tomorrow with vocabulary as the featured pre-reading skill.

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