August 11, 2011

Play & Learn Continues!

Last Friday was our final Play & Learn program at the Molly Pruitt Library at Roosevelt. We were sad to leave the wonderful Pruitt Library staff, families and facilities behind for the summer. But, a few of our new friends were able to join us this morning at Central Library for more Play & Learn fun. Below are some photos from the fun times we had a Pruitt.
Play & Learn is a great time to test career options.
Perhaps civil engineering is in the future for this participant!

This game of bowling was as much about print awareness and matching colors as it was about knocking the bottles down with the ball.

Here was another experience in parallel play,
this time with bird seed, funnels and construction vehicles.

We can all benefit from some basic carpentry skills.
These carpenters' dedication to safety was admirable!

 Did you notice? None of the children in these pictures were using books. But they were getting ready to learn how to read by building skills such as vocabulary, narrative skills and print awareness.

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