June 10, 2014

Forces and motion

Last week our Play & Learn activities were inspired by the 2 x 2 book 20 Big Trucks in the Middle of the Streetby Mark Lee. We explored forces and motion by playing with cars in new ways. One of our favorites was painting with small cars. This can be done at home by providing a piece of paper or washable surface as large as possible, a few small toy cars and some drops of paint. These cars did not seem to have any particular destination, but families enjoyed driving them through the paint over and over again.

Look at how the colors mixed as the cars drove through them!
We combined writing with gravity by taping markers to the backs of a few vehicles and sending them down a paper-covered ramp.

Going to the car wash is lots of fun especially when you get to be the car, or when you get to be the "wash" and spray your friend with a little water.

If you haven't made it to Play & Learn yet this summer, please join us at any of these upcoming events!

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