June 30, 2014

Who's afraid of his own shadow?

The Black Rabbit, by Philippa Leathers, inspired this week's Play & Learn activities. Although the weather has been overcast, the sun peeked out just enough for us to play with shadows. We also investigated reflections and how light travels through different objects.

Key vocabulary for this week included: shadow, silhouette, sphere, translucent, transparent, frozen, shiny, transfer, and refreshing.
These colorful frozen spheres were made by filling regular balloons with water and food coloring and leaving them in the freezer over night. It was fascinating to watch them melt and refreshing to touch the cold water on a hot day in the park!
We used aluminum foil and cotton swabs with finger paint to provide a new art experience. The children  enjoyed the feel of the paint on the foil, and the cotton swabs made very clean lines in the paint.

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