January 22, 2015

Do you hear thunder? Do you hear rain?

While a cold and rainy day like today might keep you and your child inside, it also gives you a chance to focus on some different sounds in our environment. Does the rain tap gently on your roof, or does it pound loudly? Do you hear more sounds as the rain strikes your windows? What about the rain coming off the eaves? Is there a gutter with a downspout? What does that water sound like? While you and your child discuss the answers to these questions, here are a few related books to check out:
This BookFlix selection has a companion non-fiction title Rainy Weather Days. Watch the story at http://bkflix.grolier.com/sw/node-33978/bk0018pr# 
A thunderstorm brings lots of frightened pets to snuggle up with a child and his teddy bear. http://sapl.sat.lib.tx.us/record=b1907824~S1

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