June 28, 2018

Building Vocabulary with Observations of Animals

Building Vocabulary with Observations of Animals: Reading comprehension is built on vocabulary. Knowing more words and more about the world around them makes it easier for children to understand what is read to them and, eventually, what they read. We can help our children build vocabulary by talking about our surroundings and the many animals we see.  
Summertime, with long days and warm evenings, is a great time to explore outdoors. Has your child noticed there are animals everywhere? Observe with your child the...

June 22, 2018

Learning the Alphabet

Learning the Alphabet: Learning the alphabet is one of the building blocks of learning to read.  Each individual letter is made up of a shape or a combination of shapes.  The ability to identify shapes and to see how they are similar or different to one another is one of the foundations of letter identification.  Maggie’s Ball, by Lindsay Barrett George, offers an exploration of similarities and differences as Maggie the dog searches through town for her lost ball and someone to play with her....

June 18, 2018

Summer Reading is Summer Fun

Summer Reading is Summer Fun: Have you registered your little one for Adventures in Library Land? Yes, even infants, toddlers, and preschoolers can participate when you read to them! Get all the details and register at http://guides.mysapl.org/summerreading.

Join Little Read Wagon this summer for Play & Learn in the park. We repeat many activities from week to week, so there's no need to rush around in the heat! Repetition builds confidence and encourages deeper learning.
Martin Luther King Park,...

April 11, 2018

Drop Everything and Read at the Park

On April 12, Little Read Wagon will celebrate D.E.A.R. or Drop Everything and Read day. We'll set up our Reading Village at Phil Hardberger Park (East) and bring lots of books to read. We'll also have play dough and an open-ended art activity for you and your children to enjoy. Learn more about D.E.A.R. at http://dropeverythingandread.com/index.html.

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