May 8, 2014

Infants at Play in the Park

Tuesday, May 13 at 1:30pm will be session three of our Play & Learn series at Fairchild Park. Several families have brought their infants to enjoy new friends and activities in the shade. What would an infant do at Play & Learn?
  • Have some tummy time on the rug with intriguing objects just out of reach.
  • Look at the sky and sunlight filtering through the branches of the trees.
  • Listen to the sounds of conversation, singing and reading.
  • Make a little noise banging on a drum, upturned bowl or pot borrowed from the kitchen.
  • Explore new textures and smells.

 We will be in the shade near the play ground at 1214 E Crockett St, 78202.
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CSH said...

Tomorrow's weather forecast calls for rain and a flash flood watch. Please be safe! We will set up a limited number of activities on the covered porch or the community center.

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