June 26, 2014

A colorful and emotional Play & Learn

Last week's Play & Learn programs featured My Blue is Happy, by Jessica Young. Colors are released from their stereotypes in this fun exploration of emotions and how they are represented. You can read more about the author at http://jessicayoungbooks.wordpress.com/faqs/

We continued our play with colors by sorting mail in our Post Office, working our fine motor skills with rainbow-colored rice and beans, and doing some spray painting.

All of our mail is conveniently color-coded for easy sorting.
This colorful blend of rice, beans and pom poms was created with food coloring. We haven't tried it, but suspect that if we cooked it we would end up with an unappetizing grey.

It was very interesting to see the colors blend and pool as the paint dripped down the paper.
In addition to our usual activities, some graduate students from Texas A&M, San Antonio joined us to sing familiar tunes with different emotions and talk about facial expressions. Have you ever tried to sing "Hot Cross Buns" as if you are angry? What about "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" in a sad tone? This is a fun and silly way to teach your child the vocabulary of emotions.

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